5 Tips for Optimal Aquarium Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining an aquarium, you need to stay vigilant and have a plan. The ecosystem within an aquarium can be very delicate, and what you do on a regular basis will affect the health of your fish and the performance of the aquarium itself.

Here are five aquarium maintenance tips you can follow so that you keep your pets healthy, and your aquarium beautiful and running as it should.

Change Water Once Every Two Weeks

You’ll want to change the water on a regular basis, but how often should you change it, and how much?

A rule of thumb is changing 20-25% of your aquarium water once every two weeks or so. You don’t want to change all of it out, since that can seriously disrupt the pH and KH levels in the water. You could also risk killing your beneficial bacteria.  

Changing the water out regularly helps maintain levels and keep impurities low, while also preventing excess waste from building up in the tank.

Clean the Aquarium Glass Weekly

Undesirable algae can build up on the walls of the aquarium and contaminate the water with impurities. It can also make it hard to see into the aquarium. You’re aiming to get rid of the bio-film and the diatom algae that is collecting on the glass, which means you need to clean the glass once a week.

One way to clean the inside is to get a glass-cleaning magnet that you can slide it along the outside and clean the inside at the same time (and use a cleaner approved for aquariums on the outside).

Rinse the Aquarium Filter Regularly 

The aquarium filter plays an important role in the well-being of the aquarium inhabitants and their ecosystem.

We advise taking your filter out and rinsing it clean (with the water you removed during the water change) at least once a month. Doing so will help your filter keep the water clean and free of built-up impurities. Letting your filter go without regular maintenance will inevitably result in it getting clogged, thus polluting your water.

Clean Aquarium Lights Once Every Two Weeks

An aquarium needs light, especially for the living plants in the tank. LED lights over the aquarium are the usual source of light, and the protective lens needs to be cleaned once every two weeks to avoid build-up that can reduce the amount of light that makes it into the tank.

If you don’t want to maintain your aquarium yourself, or if you don’t have the time to do it, Alabama Aquarium can help. Get a quote for our aquarium maintenance services, which includes cleaning the tank, testing the water, inspecting the equipment and your inhabitants, feeding the animals, and changing water on a regular basis.