About Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services

Family owned and operated, Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services was founded in 1987 by Phillip and Cindy Moon.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve grown from a small home aquarium business into a comprehensive solution for all things aquatic. In 2008, Phillip and Cindy’s son, and co-owner Kyle Moon founded our lake management division after studying Aquaculture/Aquatic Biology with Distinction in Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management.

Today, Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services employs more than 25 specialists ranging from aquatic biologists, to wildlife and fishery experts to botanists and plant experts. We proudly serve more than 500 satisfied clients across the Southeast; many of whom have trusted us for more than two decades.




As the premier service provider in Central Alabama, we specialize in aquariums, water gardens, fountains, pond management, and lake management. From the smallest desktop nano tank to some of the largest lakes in the Southeast, if it happens in the water – Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services has the solution.