Office Administrator

As the office administrator, you’ll keep our company organized and running smoothly. You’ll field incoming phone calls, schedule projects, and handle ordering and billing. Familiarity with QuickBooks is a must! We’re looking for someone driven, motivated, and organized to join our team.


As an aquarist, you’ll handle fish and other animal life in an aquarium. You’ll usually work under the direction of an aquarium curator, who manages the displays and operations at an aquarium. Caregiving is your main job as an aquarist—you’ll be actually tending to the fish to ensure that they are fed and getting everything they need to thrive in their environment! You’ll also assist with cleaning the tanks and glass. A strong working knowledge of fish, mammals, and other plants and animals is a must, as is a bachelor’s degree.

Aquatic Outdoor Technician

An aquatic outdoor technician will be working alongside our biologists and supervisors as their assistant. You’ll get to spend a lot of time outdoors, working with backyard gardens, decorative concrete fountains, and koi ponds! You must be at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma, and a clean driving record. Other than that, there’s no experience required!

Company Benefits

  • Company vehicle
  • Company issued cell phone
  • Company issued ipad
  • Paid time off – sick/vacation
  • Paid company holidays
  • Bonus structure
  • Health insurance
  • Commission