Alabama Aquarium Sponsors Pro Bass Fisherman

Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services has the honor of sponsoring pro bass fisherman Randy Howell, a 25-year veteran of the Bassmaster Tour and 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

How It All Started

After meeting at the Fishing Rodeo for The King’s Home in Columbiana, Alabama, we at AAPS realized just how much we have in common with Randy. To start, this event for The King’s Home was not Randy’s first charitable endeavor—Howell and his family are active community members with a reputation for regularly supporting important organizations like The King’s Home and Hannah Homes. We knew that the alignment of our beliefs and goals meant that there was a strong partnership in the works for us.

randy howell

The Sponsorship

Randy will sport the AAPS logo on his jersey, boat and truck while competing in various Major League Fishing and Bass Pro tournaments across the country. We are so proud to partner with Randy, and we know his character and work ethic will represent AAPS well. We are confident, too, that the fisherman will only continue to experience success in the coming years, especially as he progresses to the Major League Fishing and Bass Pro Tour brands.

alabama aquarium and randy howell

How AAPS Supports Bass Fishermen

On top of the alignment of our beliefs and goals, we believe that Randy saw a great partner in us because of the way our products and services support fishermen just like him. Our lake management division offers full-service lake and pond management for commercial and residential clients, and our products and services help prevent lake and pond problems while maintaining natural, healthy, balanced and beautiful ecosystems. Most importantly for fishermen, we also effectively stock fish and help control the all-important food pyramid. Randy Howell fishes for Trophy Bass and AAPS creates Trophy Bass Fisheries. Our family’s believe that’s the perfect match!

randy howell

About Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services

Founded in 1987, AAPS is family-owned and operated, and has maintained many business relationships for over 30 years. AAPS specializes in custom built Aquariums, Fountains, Water Gardens, Ponds and Trophy Lakes. Contact us today to learn more.