Custom Built-in Aquariums

built-in aquarium

Aquariums are a unique and fascinating way to liven up any kind of room. They can create an atmosphere of tranquility in your office space, or become an intriguing talking point in your home. It’s art that is constantly moving and changing, teeming with life and vivid colors. If living art and soothing sounds is appealing to you, consider putting an aquarium in your space. Aquariums are a necessity for a low-stress lifestyle. The variety for you to consider is endless, but here we’ll cover the most common ones.

Built-in Aquariums vs Stand-alone

The basic aquarium types are built-in and stand alone. The names say it all—a stand alone aquarium will sit on a stand free from the wall, while the built-in will be flush with the wall. Although stand alone aquariums require less construction, built-ins are known to be quieter, more soothing and take up far less space. A lot of older homes have built in spaces along the walls—shelves or cabinets—that you may not know what to do with. These make convenient, ready-made spaces for a built-in aquarium. Of course, if you are building a new home, AAPS will consult with your architect, designer and contractor from ‘fit to finish’ and give you a piece of living art with the gallery view you deserve.

If you aren’t sure which kind to go with, that’s where Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services excels. If you have a photo or image of inspiration, even a thought or idea we can work from, we can build your dream.

Custom vs All-in-one

aquariumAfter you’ve decided whether you’re going with a built-in or a stand alone aquarium, you’ll decide if you want it custom or all-in-one. Again, the names are pretty good indications of what you’ll be getting, and there are pros and cons to each kind. A con with the all-in-one, is that it’s often left up to the manufacturer, or big box store, to choose each of the many functional parts and equipment to compliment your aquarium, and make sure they all work correctly together. This leaves room for issues due to inadequate or even the wrong equipment. There’s much more to an aquarium than just the decorations and animals inside. With a custom aquarium, however, you choose the design and look of the aquarium. The big pro with the custom route is AAPS makes sure all the equipment is state-of-the-art and we ensure all the components are safe, installed correctly and compatible. You’ll also want someone who can provide the best care for your fish. We’ve got that ‘hands down’!

Alabama Aquarium and Pond Services employs more than twenty-five specialists ranging from design specialists and aquatic biologists to some of the nation’s finest aquarists. You can trust us to build you a beautiful ecosystem and keep your fish safe, healthy and happy as well as protect your investment.  Contact us for more information, or to get a quote!