We are the exclusive United States distributor of LupyLED.



Alabama Aquariums is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for LUPYLED aquarium lighting.

LupyLED has been a long time coming and finally, this ambitious light has made its debut in the United States.

Last year at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago, LupyLED demoed their vision for LED lighting in the aquarium world, to the delight of all attendees. Check out some of the photos of LupyLED in action.


TheONE by LupyLED is one of the most exciting new led aquarium lights introduced in recent years. The stainless steel construction and blanket of multicolored LEDs is completely original in the aquarium lighting world.

Regardless of whether your fish originate from a glass-clear African body or from a South American black-water river, LUPYLED offers you a breathtaking lighting, which corresponds to the light in the natural habitats, with a single luminaire and various lighting programs developed by us.