theONE .46 (18 inches)


theONE has been developed and designed with great passion in order to provide you with the utmost freedom to create your unique light. theONE .46 is your entrance into the world of LUPYLED. Suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums.

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You are entering a new dimension in lighting control with theONE. Never before was it possible to individually control light in intensity, color and time. theONE gives you in combination with the LUPYLED App the freedom to control numerous light spots and thus create natural lighting setups.

Light, shadows, sun rays and natural light habitat settings are enabled by theONE. theONE has been designed, developed and tested in the last three years together with experts. theONE, used as panel light – in combination with the right LEDs – supports the growth of plants or corals in the best possible way and enhances the color rendering of your species. The housing of theONE has been designed in a pure and sleek way, only highest grade stainless steel V4A is used.

The core of theONE is made out of aluminum to achieve an ideal heat transfer. In combination with an active cooling solution an overheating is not possible, prolonging the lifetime of theONE. Several theONE lighting units can be combined via the LUPYLED App, resulting in one virtual light which in turn can be controlled like a single unit.

theONE is more than just an aquarium light. It is a high-tech jewel, wrapped in a design awarded housing, hand-crafted in Germany.

Additional information


Housing 18.11 x 13.77 x 10.24 inches (l x w x h) including 5.9 inch holders at the narrow sides.

Aquarium size:

For aquariums up to a length of 27.5 inches. Also fits square (cube) aquariums up to 24 x 24 inches.

Pure LED power:

80 Watt

Number of LEDs:



390 nm (real UV light)
420 nm
440 nm
460 nm
520 nm
620 nm
660 nm
White LEDs with 6.000 Kelvin
In addition there are High-Power-Daylight LEDs with 8.000 Kelvin, 4 x 3 Watt.

Housing Material:

Highest Grade Brushed Stainless Steel (V4A).

Color Rendering Index (CRI):



Passive and active. Noise level < 15 dB.


Quality glass from Schott with a high transmission ratio also in the UV region.

Cabling and Connector:

The cable length from theONE to the BlackBoxx is 78 inches. The dimensions of the connector for plugging into the BlackBoxx is 2.36 x 2.75 x .7 inches (please note these dimensions if you need to feed through the connector into your aquarium cabinet).


Mounting on the aquarium or suspended.


App control, integration into your local WIFI network, iOS 9 (starting with iPhone 4s, iPad3 and newer), Android starting with version 4.4 and newer, 1 GB RAM.


LUPYLED theONE .46 (18 inches)
BlackBoxx (incl. power supply and controller)
Country specific power cord and plug
Cable to connect theONE with the BlackBoxx
Y-cable for suspended mounting
Plexiglass holders for mounting onto the aquarium
LUPYLED App for lighting control