Lake and Pond Management Services

Phillip Moon uses a net to catch an electrofished bass in a lake from a boat.At Alabama Aquarium & Pond Services, our lake management division offers full-service lake and pond management for commercial and residential clients.

We offer the most technologically advanced lake and pond management products and services available to help all of our customers prevent problems and maintain a natural, healthy, balanced and beautiful ecosystem. If your lake or pond is already experiencing problems, we can restore it to its original beauty and help restore ecological balance.

Every management and maintenance program begins with a survey and assessment by our on-staff aquatic biologist. Our professional, trained and licensed team will then prescribe a management plan based on safety, science, and the latest control products. We guarantee that your lake or pond will be healthy and beautiful. Our experienced team of fisheries biologists not only restore your lake or pond’s water quality, but can also effectively stock fish and help control your predator-to-prey ratio. Contact us today for more information. 

Lake Management Services:

  • Lake and pond consultation and design
  • Detailed water analysis
  • Electrofishing surveys/analysis, tagging, and harvesting
  • Habitat analysis and enhancement including underwater structure installation
  • Underwater lighting installation
  • Colorant application
  • All game fish and forage stocking
  • Fountain and aerator installation and maintenance
  • Dam and Spillway repair
  • Liming
  • Fertilizer routes
  • Lake mapping
  • Annual lake management and pond maintenance surveys and planning
  • Age to Weight analysis for proper food pyramid management.

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